Volunteer for Bondi2Berry

As per Driver's License - First Name, Surname
If you have any medical conditions, are taking any medications or have any injuries we should be aware of please tell us below.
Medical crew: you acknowledge you have appropriate qualifications to undertake this role.
Do you have a person to be in a car with you? Please include their name. They will also need to complete this volunteer form.
Do you want to be support car for a specific group? Please include group number or rider name.
I confirm I am fit and able to volunteer at the Bondi2Berry bike ride. I accept that I am volunteering at my own risk and that the organisers of the Bondi2Berry bike ride cannot be held responsible or liable for any personal accident or injury I may incur, loss or damage to personal effects that may arise as a result of my volunteering at the event.
By entering my name, I assert that I have reviewed and agree to the waiver that I have selected above.