Rider profile

Gretchen Masters

Wellness manager and rider, Gretchen Masters talks about her experience of the Bondi2Berry 2018 ride.

Why were you inspired to take part in 2018’s B2B?

My main motivation was to make sure that I kept riding consistently through winter. But once I started training and going to some of the events, I realised that the benefits were bigger and better than that.

How was the day?

I loved it. I found it easier than I’d expected and really enjoyed the group I was riding with. The stops made it less intimidating than it could’ve been and it was great rolling around chatting to different people in the group. Then there were a few beers in Berry.

How did you find the organised training rides?

To me, they were the key to enjoying the ride. They forced me to consistently improve my fitness and I met plenty of the other riders, so I knew who was who when we rode to Berry. The rides always felt safe and well organised, with ride-captains dedicated to each group.

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

Definitely. I was the fittest I’ve been in years by the time the event rolled around. And it made me enjoy cycling more, because I kept improving.

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

Probably. And if I don’t, it’ll be because I’m looking after my two kids while my husband does the ride.

How did you raise money for the ride?

I put out a few requests online and put on a paid morning tea at work. I’m not great at fundraising, but the target isn’t too high, so people shouldn’t let the need to fundraise put them off participating.

Have you been touched personally with any personal connections suffering from dementia?

No. But working in health as a Wellness Manger I’m well aware of its prevalence and think we all need to work towards funnelling more funding this way.

Would you recommend B2B to others?

Definitely. It’s still the longest ride I’ve ever done and I could only achieve that because of the support with training rides and the event that B2B provides. I’m so glad that I did it and am sure that the other participants would feel the same way. It’s a beautiful course and you can finish up with a night in Berry – what’s not to love? And it’s a great fit for everyone from beginners to cycling superstars, because you only need to stick with your allocated group.