Bondi2Berry funded research project

The 2020 Bondi2Berry and Bondi2BlueMtns bike rides raised over $180,000 that contributed to funding a research project at the Dementia Research Centre at Macquarie University.

The research concentrates on the development of an innovative nanotechnology to halt the spread of hyperphosphorylated tau protein in Alzheimer’s disease.

Thanks to Dr Janet Van Eersel at Macquarie University for undertaking this research and we look forward to hearing about the progress.

Bondi2BlueMtns 2021 Video

On Saturday 6 March 2021 a group of 37 dedicated riders and 14 event crew set off on the inaugural Bondi2BlueMtns Ride to Remember. It was an epic 4 days of riding, over 650km and 8,000m of elevation. Over $100,000 was raised to help research for a cure.

Thank you to our event partners and volunteers for helping make this event a success.

Bondi2Berry funded research project

In 2019 combined fundraising attained from the Bondi2Berry and Bondi2Brighton bike rides contributed to funding a research project at Macquarie University – Cage vs Age.

The research concentrates on the development of an innovative nanotechnology to halt the spread of hyperphosphorylated tau protein in Alzheimer’s disease.

Thanks to Dr Andrew Care and Miss India Boyton for undertaking this research and we look forward to hearing  about the progress.

Bondi2Berry is back and bigger than ever

On Saturday 7 September 130 riders will take off from Bondi Beach to Berry on the annual bike ride to raise funds to support the work of Dementia Australia.

Organisers Nick Young and Pierre Sullivan have first-hand experience of the disease. Both of Mr Young’s grandmothers passed away after living with dementia and his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Mr Sullivan’s mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2015.

Now in their fourth year, the stakes have been raised.

Not only has their fundraising target increased to an incredible $200,000, a group of 30 dedicated riders will be continuing from Berry down the coast to Brighton Beach in Victoria, a total of 1,160 kilometres.

Mr Young said that Bondi2Berry was a way to combine his passion for riding and also make a contribution to a cause close to his heart.

“When we first started talking about this, I never imagined we would be where we are today,” Mr Young said.

“From 40 riders raising $56,000 in 2016, to 80 riders raising more than $130,000 last year.

“It just keeps getting bigger and better every year, and we can’t do it without the invaluable support from our sponsors and volunteers.”

Mr Sullivan said that the ride was also a great way to connect with people who have a personal connection to the cause.

“The ride has become about so much more than just raising money for a good cause,” Mr Sullivan said.

“Nick and I have made some great friendships through the ride over the last four years and the support we receive from the crew on and off the bike is phenomenal.

“Many riders have a personal connection to dementia so it’s a great way to catch-up with people in a similar situation while also keeping fit and giving back to a great organisation.”

The ride will start at the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club on Saturday 7 September, riding out of Sydney’s eastern suburbs and through parts of the Royal National Park to Wollongong, visiting the dementia-friendly city of Kiama, and finishing in Berry on the NSW south coast that afternoon.

The Bondi2Brighton riders will then continue down the coast riding through Batemans Bay, Bega, Gipsy Point, Orbost, Sale, Warragul and finishing at Brighton Beach on Saturday 14 September.

Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe thanked the organising committee for the extraordinary work they put into making this event happen each year.

“Bondi2Berry is a great event and I look forward to hearing the progress of the riders every year,” Ms McCabe said.

“It is fantastic to see the dedication shown by Nick and Pierre to raise awareness and vital funds for Dementia Australia.

“On behalf of Dementia Australia I would like to thank Nick and Pierre, along with the Bondi2Berry organising committee, as well as the many riders, sponsors and volunteers that make this event possible.”

For more information about Bondi2Berry and how to donate please visit

Dementia Australia is the national peak body and charity for people, of all ages, living with all forms of dementia, their families and carers. It provides advocacy, support services, education and information. An estimated 447,000 people have dementia in Australia. This number is projected to reach almost 1.1 million by 2058. Dementia Australia is the new voice of Alzheimer’s Australia. Dementia Australia’s services are supported by the Australian Government.

National Dementia Helpline 1800 100 500

Interpreter service available

(The National Dementia Helpline is an Australian Government Initiative)

Dementia is a National health Priority Area

Rider Profile – Michael Cox

Why were you inspired to take part in last year’s B2B?

My initial reason for taking part in the 2017 ride was to simply give back to the community and to those in need. However, during the group training rides and the the day of the event, it gave me a chance to better understand this brutal disease and the impact it has on so many more people than I ever realised.

There was no question that I wanted to take part in this fantastic event and great cause again in 2018 and for many years to come. Sadly, and unfortunately not surprisingly given the statistic, I’m now closer to the impact of this disease by way of a very close friend recently being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

How was the day?

Cold, wet and windy seems to be a trend for this event, but the suffering we endure is only for a few hours which pales into insignificance compared to what people go through day in and day out that are impacted by dementia. With every year the event gets bigger and bigger, so it’s fantastic to see the awareness alone this event is raising.

How did you find the organised training rides?

It’s a credit to Nick, Pierre and the organisers to how well they have done in creating such a fantastically organised charity event. The training rides accommodate for all levels and everybody comes together to help get through the training rides to prepare for the big day.

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

Absolutely. As each training gets closer to the event, the rides progressively get longer and harder and with that, your fitness and confidence to make it through the event gets stronger.

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

I am registered and I’m going big by riding to Brighton Victoria with 28 other guys and girls motivated to raise even more awareness and funds for Dementia & Alzheimer’s.

How did you raise money for the ride?

Everybody knows it’s not easy asking friends, family and work colleagues for money even when on behalf of a charity…..especially with so many charity events these days. However, people see this as such a great cause and one that doesn’t get the recognition and support it deserves, so people haven’t hesitated to contribute again this year. I think sometimes you have to get a little creative when you quickly run out of friends and family to ask. This year I hosted a BBQ at work and that contributed a significant amount of funds towards my fundraising target.

Would you recommend B2B to others?

There is something special about the camaraderie and friendships you gain through an event like this, but most importantly the awareness and funds being raised for a terrific cause! Whether you race A grade or haven’t pulled the bike out for a few years, I strongly recommend you get on board for this very special event and cause!

Rider Profile – Nikki Waldron

Why were you inspired to take part in last year’s B2B?

My grandad passed away at the beginning of 2018 having suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years. Watching such a strong person deteriorate from this disease is heart breaking for all those who love them, so the opportunity to raise funds for an organisation that supports research into a cure appealed to me.

Having moved to Sydney from London in June 2017 I started cycling more and so when I heard about B2B it sounded like the perfect challenge for me whilst allowing me to support a cause that is close to my heart. It also felt like a fantastic way to say my own goodbye to my grandad, having not been able to fly home for the funeral.

How was the day?

The ride itself was fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of the ride captains and the organisation that went into supporting this ride. The wind could have played a bit nicer but at least it didn’t rain!

How did you find the organised training rides?

The training rides were great – each one was a new longest ride for me and increased my confidence both in riding as a group and in my own ability.

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

Most definitely. As I mentioned above, each training ride was a new achievement for me and the confidence and riding fitness that I gained has enabled me to enjoy cycling more than before.

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

I am registered and I’ll be doing the ride again this year! And I’ll be keeping a keen interest in the Bondi2Brighton ride as my partner Pete is joining this crazy crew riding to Melbourne!

How did you raise money for the ride?

Last year I just asked friends and family to sponsor me as it was a large challenge for me… this year I’m taking advice from some friends and hosting a fundraising dinner (as I can no longer use the longest ride card!)

Would you recommend the ride to others?

I would, and have, recommended this ride to others as it is such a well organised and well supported event that raises money for such an important cause.

Rider Profile – Lisa Cox

Why were you inspired to take part in last year’s B2B?

Having seen firsthand with my grandmother and other close family friends how devastating this disease can be, I wanted to be part of the event to help raise the much-needed funds and awareness to assist others now and into the future.

Watching your loved ones disappear in front of you is heartbreaking, and if the money we raise during B2B can help with finding a cure, and prevent others from one day having to go through that then it is totally worth it. 

How was the day?

The day was tough with lots of different conditions, but so much more rewarding than I had anticipated. Starting in howling wind with grey and overcast skies and some rain was not ideal, but everyone still had smiles on their faces ready to take on the challenge. The support from those in your ride group, the support vehicles, or those at the check points was amazing. Everyone was so encouraging of each other and made the day so enjoyable. 

How did you find the organised rides training for the event?

The training rides were great to get some confidence, meet others doing the ride and get some good training kms in. The best thing about cycling for me is the social aspect of it and being able to chat with others, and hear about their story and why they were taking part. 

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

It certainly did. Unfortunately, I had a few injuries leading into the ride, but I definitely felt there was a fitness improvement. Having the organised training rides really means you have no excuses to not get fitter and stronger. 

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

I am registered and I’ll be doing the ride again this year with my husband, its been so nice to be able to take this on together. We are already putting in the hours on the bike to make sure there are no injuries this year. I’m really looking forward to it and keeping everything crossed for great conditions.

We’ll also both be heading down to Brighton (flying not cycling!) to cheer on those who have taken on the epic challenge of riding Bondi to Brighton, what a huge effort. I can’t wait to cheer everyone in and say congrats on an amazing achievement.

How did you raise money for the ride?

Last year and this year has been about reaching out to friends, family and work colleagues. Most people have been impacted by the disease and are so supportive and willing to contribute. This year I am hoping to do some bake sales at work, as well as a Christmas in July themed dinner. I have also used social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn and will be more active on Instagram as the months go on. So far its worked and I’m off to a flying start. 

Would you recommend the ride to others? 

I would absolutely recommend the ride to anyone who feels strongly about supporting Dementia Australia, or who want to complete a challenge with like-minded people whilst checking out some amazing scenery on the way. The ride is challenging enough without being undo-able, supportive, fun and for a great cause – why wouldn’t you want to do it!!

Rider Profile – Tom Chard

Why were you inspired to take part in last year’s B2B?

After my mum was diagnosed with Dementia (Early Onset Alzheimers) I quickly became absorbed in learning about the disease and what it is.

By being a part of this ride, I get to put my body on the line to help raise much needed awareness and funds for such an incredibly under-funded disease.

Without my mum I wouldn’t be here and when we received the diagnosis we were shattered. But she is dealing with it so well that I am doing anything I can to help her and Dementia sufferers elsewhere.

How was the day?

It was a dark and cold morning where I had three punctures before 6am!! Although it turned out to be an incredible day.

At times it was quite cathartic and sombre especially when stopping in towns such as Kiama but overall an overwhelming positive experience.

The bike ride itself is challenging, although the fantastic people you get to do it with is the best part.

How did you find the organised rides training for the event?

The organised training sessions are fantastic, mostly to meet the other legends you’ll be riding along side with.

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

Definitely, too often it’s hard to find reasons to get outside in the cold and go on a long gruelling ride, although once you have some structure you quickly notice improvements in your fitness (not just on the bike either).

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

Yes and I cannot wait!! I registered as soon as I was alerted to the ride. I am lucky to have registered for the Bondi2Brighton 1,200km 8-day adventure this year and I am absolutely pumped!!

How did you raise money for the ride?

Fundraising is a tough one, especially these days with so many fantastic causes all competing for your dollar.

I’ve been able to spread the message through my friends and family, especially on social media, to raise awareness as to what I’m doing and why.

Would you recommend the ride to others? If so why?

Even if you don’t know anyone with dementia right now, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Dementia Australia and the fantastic cause aside, it’s just a bloody good day out on your bike with like-minded people.

Get involved if you haven’t, you won’t regret it.

Feel free to add in anything else?

Once you learn more about Dementia and the Dementia-related illnesses, it’s hard not to become passionate for the cause to raise awareness and funds for research into this disease. To see how this has affected my mum to date and thankfully she’s still dealing with it all really well has ignited a fire inside me to learn more and educate others.

Even if you’re unable to or don’t like riding a bike, think of those loved ones around you and around us that may need the help that Dementia Australia can provide.