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Help us find a cure for dementia.

We thank you for your kind support.

Our fundraising

We have been fundraising for Dementia Australia since our inaugural ride in 2016, raising valuable funds to help research for a cure.

To date we have fundraised $819,700.

  • 2016 – $56,752
  • 2017 – $75,419
  • 2018 – $131,476
  • 2019 – $217,181 (Bondi2Berry + Bondi2Brighton)
  • 2020 – $185,627 (Bondi2Berry + Bondi2BlueMtns)
  • 2021 – $153,245

Where does our fundraising go?

Bondi2Berry fundraising goes towards research for a cure for dementia. We have funded two research projects so far, and will be announcing a third research project soon.

Research project Cage vs Age – developing an innovative nanotechnology to halt the spread of tau protein in the brain.

Research project – Preclinical development of specific tau-binding compounds to target underlying disease mechanisms for the treatment of dementia.

Why are we riding?

We are riding to raise awareness of dementia.

Organisers Nick and Pierre have first hand experience with the disease. Both of Nick’s grandmothers passed away after suffering from dementia, and Nick’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. Pierre’s mother was diagnosed in 2015.

Dementia has become the leading cause of death among Australian women, and remains the second leading cause of death for all Australians (ABS 2017). There is no cure.

There are more than 470,000 Australians currently living with dementia and without a major breakthrough in research, it is expected to soar to over 1 million Australians by 2058.