Meet the Committee behind Bondi2Berry – each of us volunteer our time to deliver our great events to help end dementia.



My dad was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. This gave my family and I a steep learning curve, and greater understanding of what this disease is all about. Seeing my dad deteriorate from the person I grew up with lead to me to co-founding the Bondi2Berry Ride to Remember in 2016. The awareness and fundraising we achieve allows the community to learn about dementia and to feel comfortable talking about dementia. Our events fund research for a cure for dementia and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, and look forward to growing our charity into the future.


Vice President + Marketing and Events

My beautiful healthy 73 year old Mum, Dianne Stanners, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in early 2016, which is why I rode in the inaugural Bondi2Berry. Mum sadly passed away in October 2020 at the age of 76. It is soul destroying to watch what this disease does to someone you love and there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about how sick she was.

My personal experience has opened my eyes and is why I continue to do Bondi2Berry, and did the Bondi2Brighton and Bondi2BlueMtns rides, and I am part of the Committee. I hope we can not only help find a cure for this insidious disease, but raise understanding and empathy in the community to help those with Dementia live rich and fulfilling lives.



My grandad suffered from dementia in his later years and it was extremely tough on the entire family. Thankfully it never stopped him from smiling, enjoying the chats and insisting he should be getting back to the electrical shop he managed until he was 80 years old!

I met Nick and the B2B family through a local cycling group and was very keen to get involved. I love the Bondi2Berry community as everyone is so passionate about giving it their all, raising awareness and having fun!



I am a ride captain for Bondi2Berry, it is fun to be involved and we meet some great people. As an accountant I can contribute to such a good cause and feel honoured to be able to help out.



My beautiful Mum, Jill Ward was suffering from Alzheimer’s when she passed away in October 2020. It broke my heart to see what this terrible disease did to such a confident, active woman. I’ve participated in the Bondi2Berry ride since 2017 and also rode in the Bondi2BlueMtns ride in 2021. When Mum passed I wanted to do even more to help raise awareness so I joined the Bondi2Berry Committee in late 2020. I truly love the B2B community! It feels great that we’re able to combine our passion for riding with finding a cure for Dementia.



My grandfather, Albert Petulla, a man who taught me what love looks like and the value of family, was diagnosed with dementia. This giant of a man in a little Italian body was sharp and loyal, cheeky and proud. He had a gentle side that oozed out of him in the presence of his family, especially his wife, my Nonna, who he unapologetically loved more than life. He passed away on Thursday the 25th of July 2019. He endured an agonisingly slow decline at the hands of this cruel disease that took all the best parts of him long before it took his life. I can’t change the past, but I definitely want to be part of changing the future! Being on the committee with this amazing group of passionate cyclists who are out to improve the quality of life for people with dementia, raise awareness and provide support for families living with it while ensuring funds are going into research for a cure has given my family and I solace and renewed hope that dementia will one day be a thing of the past.


Training rides & operations

My grandmother had Dementia and I saw the frustration this caused her as well as the impact to my family helping to look after her and this was my opportunity do some something positive. I feel privileged to be part of the amazing B2B Committee.


Social comms

My mother in law passed away from dementia related complications in November 2020. This was made especially difficult as we were still in the throes of border lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic so my husband and his family were unable to spend time with her in her final days.

I decided to ride Bondi2Berry and join the Committee to raise money for this insidious disease and not only try to find effective treatment and a cure but also to support those who are left behind.



Sometimes I spend longer at the coffee shop than I spent on the bike but to me the banter is just as important as the strava segments. My wife, Cassie, and I through our company have sponsored the B2B ride since its inception. Supporting the event is very important to me and I have enjoyed watching it grow and achieve fantastic success.


The ‘domestique’

My Mum was diagnosed with early onset dementia in her 50s, which was a shock to our whole family. Mum has taken the diagnosis in her stride and has tried to make the best of a difficult situation over the years.

I jumped at the opportunity to be on the Bondi2Berry Committee which has given me a chance to tangibly be involved in dementia related initiatives and help continue to grow the event and community that is Bondi2Berry.