This year we are launching the Bondi2Brighton ride – an epic 8 day cycling adventure!

Starting with the Bondi2Berry ride on day 1, a small group of around 20 riders will continue from Berry down the coast to Melbourne, pulling into Brighton Beach on Saturday 14 September.

Why are we riding?

Our reasoning hasn’t changed, it’s intensified. There are about 435,000 reasons why – that number is the staggering statistic of Australian’s currently living with dementia. There are around 1.5 million Australians in their care. Chances are you are directly affected by this disease, or know someone who is.

We’ll be visiting some great communities along the way, riding to remember our loved ones, and raising awareness of dementia.

The Course

Here’s the 8 day summary (may change as planning is finalised):

Day 1 / Saturday 7 September – Bondi2Berry – 155 km

Day 2 / Sunday 8 September – Berry to Batemans Bay – 140 km

Day 3 / Monday 9 September – Batemans Bay to Bega – 170 km

Day 4 / Tuesday 10 September – Bega to Gipsy Point – 135 km

Day 5 / Wednesday 11 September – Gipsy Point to Orbost – 150 km

Day 6 / Thursday 12 September – Orbost to Sale – 170 km

Day 7 / Friday 13 September – Sale to Warragul – 125 km

Day 8 / Saturday 14 September – Warragul to Brighton – 115km

Want to get involved?

If you want to be on the bike for this adventure then please email us to find out more information. Spaces are limited.

If riding for 8 days isn’t really your thing, but you’d like to volunteer and provide invaluable assistance for the week then we’d love to hear from you too! Email us to find out more information.