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Rider Profile – Nikki Waldron

Why were you inspired to take part in last yearโ€™s B2B?

My grandad passed away at the beginning of 2018 having suffered from Alzheimerโ€™s for many years. Watching such a strong person deteriorate from this disease is heart breaking for all those who love them, so the opportunity to raise funds for an organisation that supports research into a cure appealed to me.

Having moved to Sydney from London in June 2017 I started cycling more and so when I heard about B2B it sounded like the perfect challenge for me whilst allowing me to support a cause that is close to my heart. It also felt like a fantastic way to say my own goodbye to my grandad, having not been able to fly home for the funeral.

How was the day?

The ride itself was fantastic. I cannot speak highly enough of the ride captains and the organisation that went into supporting this ride. The wind could have played a bit nicer but at least it didn’t rain!

How did you find the organised training rides?

The training rides were great – each one was a new longest ride for me and increased my confidence both in riding as a group and in my own ability.

Did your riding and fitness improve from taking part?

Most definitely. As I mentioned above, each training ride was a new achievement for me and the confidence and riding fitness that I gained has enabled me to enjoy cycling more than before.

Are you taking part in the 2019 B2B?

I am registered and I’ll be doing the ride again this year! And Iโ€™ll be keeping a keen interest in the Bondi2Brighton ride as my partner Pete is joining this crazy crew riding to Melbourne!

How did you raise money for the ride?

Last year I just asked friends and family to sponsor me as it was a large challenge for meโ€ฆ this year I’m taking advice from some friends and hosting a fundraising dinner (as I can no longer use the longest ride card!)

Would you recommend the ride to others?

I would, and have, recommended this ride to others as it is such a well organised and well supported event that raises money for such an important cause.

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